Automeister II

What our customers are saying...

"Automeister II and Jocko always take excellent care of me and my car. Having my little Mercedes FourTwo in Jocko's hands gives me great comfort." Margo

"Automeister II and the staff do a fabulous job explaining what needs to be done. I appreciate the communication I receive." Scott

"Jocko and his team are always there for me. Find my problems on my car and get things up and going. They both go the extra mile to help me with my car." Laura

"The staff at Automeister II are amazing. The dealer wanted to charge me $3700 for something where the same repair at Automeister II cost $1100 less. If you are out of warranty, no reason to pay dealer prices when you can be closer to your mechanic at Automeister II. Thank you Automeister for everything." Lee